What is Astro-PHYSIOGNOMY?

Zodiac Faces (article) - Part II

The energetic patterns of planetary energies can be seen and decoded from close facial and body analysis.

The Element of Fire

Within the element, as tradition appears to confirm, strong trait Arians tend to have more energetic emphasis in the area of the forehead. This does not necessarily entail a large forehead, merely that the area above the brow is more pronounced. In Leo, the line of the eyes more often has a cat-like predator quality (I have also noticed that within Leo there appear to be more cases of “hammerhead eyes”, such as those of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.) In both men and women the chin & jaw are usually stronger often squared. With Sagittarius there is an ‘intensity’ right down the center of the face, primarily between the eyes and with the upper lip & gum. It is my ‘favorite sign’ to highlight so I will add a little more detail to what I generally see with the Sagittarian facial archetype.


Fire Celebs

The celebrity images shown here give a sampling of characteristics that are more often associated with Fire. These particular traits can be distinguished through the genders, whereas some traits will be stronger or weaker in accordance with sex. The Fire element in general, particularly Aries, lends itself to a more “rubicund of visage” or reddening of the skin tone. In the stronger trait natives there is usually an ‘elfeness’ to the eyebrows, being slightly raised, pointed or even “Spock-like” (Leonard Nimoy was also an Aries).  



The Sagittarian archetypal or ‘primary strong’ traits are what I refer to as ‘the pinch-eye’ and ‘the horse-mouth’ (which I find quite interesting given the Centaurian nature of the sign. One can clearly see in these selected faces a common trend among these two characteristics within these Sagittarian Sun natives.

The Pinch: The trait that I refer to as ‘the pinch’ seems to be most prevalent, by percentage, within Sun sign Sagittarius. Though, I have been able to determine that this trait is sometimes noticeable when the Sun is in Scorpio, as well, lending credence to additional aspected energy as a possibility and possible distinction with tropical and sidereal zodiacal energies. Note: I have noticed that females tend to have this more than males, who exhibit more prominent brow trait and ears.

Centaur Teeth: The most telling trait of any of the archetypal structures, is horsey mouth; I prefer to call this trait ‘Centaur Teeth’. I have also seen this appear when a dominant body or group (stellium) is in Sagittarius, particularly Mars. Joe DiMaggio was a notable Sagittarian with this trait. Though it is not always regularly pronounced among Sagittarians, it can usually be identified at some point. Some with this trait have ‘trained themselves’ to hold an expression that normally covers the space over the upper gum (this is the case with Lady Judy Dench, whom only on occasion reveals the strength of this trait in her face).

These are just two traits among several which tend to be more prominent within the sign of Sagittarius. Each sign tends to produce a number of primary & secondary characteristics. It is the combination of planetary energies along with genetic heritage which tends to influence the native’s overall appearance.

A Hierarchy of Energy

When I first began to loosely compare charts and faces, little did I know that it would become a bridge for my understanding of the astrology of nature, the mathematics & geometry of light, study of sound & vibration, quantum mechanics, and many other fields of noetic knowledge. So many varied disciplines can be or must be understood, at least on a fundamental level, in order to glimpse the bigger picture of how planetary energies flow in a biological system. It is no surprise that a proper working model for the astrological forces and their effects on people has yet to be put forth and accepted.

The process can be looked upon as a hierarchy of transceivers. This scalable order of energy & matter is what manifests our reality. From the simple quantum structure that functions by moving vibrational information in-and-out of multiple dimensions, which in turn ‘informs’ the formation of the atomic field to the subsequent creation of molecules, and on up the scale to the DNA “antenna” acting to create more complex and interactive “antennae” to manipulate RNA. During gestation, the creation of the spinal column and neuro-pathways replicate the “antenna”. At birth, the DNA ceases its developmental function, at that point an infant’s nervous system itself begins to function as an interactive “antenna” within the larger feild.

Prevalence Factors/span>

When gauging the traits and comparing them against celestial energies, there are several general factors to consider:

  • DNA Foundation: It is imperative to note that genealogical, ethnic and racial DNA sequences will provide the base material foundation for the native. The family traits most likely will be obvious because this code is the core infrastructure for the planetary energies to be acted upon.
  • Solar Interaction: The Sun location seems to take precedence in good percentage of samplings. The traits granted by the Sun position may be subtle or in some cases become extreme and reveal the overall archetype of the position. There also seems to be variations of archetypal combinations based on when as person is born in a given period.
  • Rising Interaction: The Rising energy – Ascendant (time of day) also appears to be a strong influence in many instances, with considerable consistency between researchers over two millennia. Though, the limited data available regarding persons born on the same day & year, and also the necessity of having an accurate birth time, makes this category difficult to compare in research. Adequate photographic image data, combined with accurate natal data is not as readily available, with the exception of some celebrities whose natal charts are documented.
  • Lunar Interaction: The Moon’s influence does appear noticeably distinct in the cases where myself and others have been able to compare persons born during the same Solar periods. From my personal research, the Lunar energy does appear to be more distinguishable in females, rather than in males.
  • Orbital Matrix Pattern: Rather than emphasizing traditional hard or soft aspect patterns as a primary source of energetic pathways for the planets to interact, I have approached the natal charts by looking at the strengths of combinations of variables. In my studies of this area, the aspects of the chart, particularly related conjunctions, cross-aspects, and interacting stellium groupings, play a larger role than previously considered. The overall geometric pattern tends to actualize or materialize a general structure of energy which forms between the planets. I call this an ‘orbital matrix’. Much like a musical chord, a planetary chord or tone may be approximated by a another set of notes in a different chord.

These are just a few factors to take into account when looking into physiognomy. When a number of these factors align, there appears to be natural tendency of a ‘morphological duplication’ of physical traits, what I call The Doppelgänger Effect.

The Doppelgänger Effect

I have spent a great deal of time classifying and categorizing prevalent trait themes among the elements (similar to Mien Shiang), by Sun, Moon & Ascendant through the signs, just as a number of astrologers have done for centuries. Though much of this research goes beyond trait assignments, by looking at aspects & patterns in the charts, I have chosen not to go into any of that here. Instead I wanted to go right to the idea of duplicate expressions within the charts overall, the part of my study I refer to as the Doppelgänger Effect. Doppelgänger is a Germanic loanword meaning “double goer” and it generally means a non-biological look-alike or ‘double’. To better understand this through the traits and expressions, let’s look at two examples of natal chart comparisons of sign, planet and geometric matrices.

In this first example, we will notice these two remarkable single shot photo expressions of biologist Richard Dawkins and the actress Emma Watson. Despite the difference in gender and in nearly 50 years of age, the Aries energy signature and the general ‘orbital matrix’ (the planetary pattern & aspect configuration) and is comparably geometrized. Though, Watson and Dawkins were not born in England, they are both of English ancestry, therefore the genetic links are also present and determinable. There are several secondary aspect patterns and planetary placements that are also reflected in each chart.

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No one would every confuse actors Peter Dinklage & Hugh Laurie in person. Dinklage is 4’5” and Laurie is 6’2”. In this second example, we see that the natives not only share the same Sun sign but also the same birthday. The two also reflect similar “orbital matrices” in the charts, in this case with Mars and Saturn. The morphology of these to individuals is quite striking despite the differences that arise through dwarfism in Dinklage. In fact, the characteristics associated with dwarfism actually correlate the variations of the certain traits and how they are morphed by natural processes. The associated trait similarities recognizable in both are transformed through dwarfism in Dinklage’s appearance.

Why Does Research Matter?

The most often asked question I tend to get from the average astrologer is, “Why should I care about facial traits being connected to celestial influences? It doesn’t help my clients or with my counselling skills, even it’s true. Why bother?” Well, I have come to accept the fact that this is just how some people think:‘If it doesn’t directly gratify me now, or I don’t make money from it, then why put energy into it.’ This seems to have become ingrained in astrology, when it comes to research. The current state of the astrological science is alive, yet, it hardly seems practical for but a few to venture into astrological research. Though, that is what any true science is about: continuing to fill in the gaps of the unknown. We categorize & divide various fields & subfields of study. Yet, the physical, conscious and spiritual sciences are fully enmeshed; it is not possible to separate them. And to that end, all scientists our allies – whether they like it or not.

I am of the opinion that this field will require a concerted effort to advance it much further than has been surmised over the last two millennia, yet it has the potential to yield some very discernable results that could link the sciences once again. This area of study has been largely overlooked by modern astrologers and, of course, ignored by the mainstream or even the fringe scientific community. I personally, think it will take biometric facial-recognition software, currently in common use, linked to individual natal data, before we can begin to properly assess all factors in this equation. And when we do this, we will ultimately prove a link between the planets & people.

Data & Rigor
The most daunting area for any field of collective research is data. It does not matter as to what area of science you are engaged, be it biological sciences, physical sciences, quantum sciences, astro-sciences, etc, data collection is the bulk of the work. The ARC-Database (Astrological Research Collaborative), an independent collective database initially supported by Alexandria i-Base, Kepler College (research arm), ISAR, Cosmic Patterns & David Cochrane, myself, and several others, was initiated a few years ago in the attempt to collect and archive all existing research data-sets, as well as, establish a new repository for natal astrological research. So far this project remains paused until more energy can be put towards it but we hope that the future will support such a research based approach.

The issue of deeper research into this field is two-sided. Scientism needs to return to the realms of natural philosophy that it shunned as of the late 17th century, and furthermore take seriously the relevant questions of our physical and psychological interactions within the cosmos. Astrologers must catch up to the reality of modernity, and not merely rely on repeating and reinterpreting ancient tradition. They must also seek to understand how to re-integrate that tradition through the mathematical language of nature; and quantitative research, the same manner in which scientism engages.

Fascinating! Where to start!?
One of my comrades in this niche of astrology, illustrator & astrologer William Schreib, has published two little books that are great primers for any enthusiast to begin to get a feel of what to look for in the face. His two works, Dance of the Zodiac, and Personalities of the Zodiac are two of my favorite referrals to introduce astrologers (and skeptical curiosity seekers) to this fascinating, little emphasized area of our field. William recently mailed me an advance copy of his new book Portraits of Personality: How the Cycles of Nature Shape Your Character & Appearance, the latest book to be published on this subject. It is a revised look at his works on the characterized illustrations of the traits, with detailed breakdowns of the planetary combinations and examples of the traits using celebrity images. It can be found at astro-visions.com

Another project that will allow you to participate is Astrofaces, online at astrofaces.com, by contributing your photo and natal information. Moshe Berlin has put together a wonderful project, which also allows you use your own skill to identify for traits among multiple search criteria. Be a contributor to his research and do a little research of your own.

The Unified Astrological TOE (Theory of Everything)

As dedicated astrologers, we all wish to add-to or contribute something special to astrology. Whether it’s a new approach, reviving an ancient technique, the deeper study of a recently discovered celestial body, an original interpretation of a dated astrological perspective, or by adding to the body of work that is attempting to reunite the sciences, most serious astrologers wish to impart something unique to the field. In one way or another, in small or large part, we each help to determine how astrology is being accepted now and how it will be in the future.

Astrology is the general term we give for a very broad endeavour, which actually encompasses every area of scientific and spiritual study. Ultimately, all things are one and unified. This of course includes astrology as an equivalent science to all other sciences. There are many astrologers who wish to shine a light on the biological, statistical & mathematical confirmations of the impercial nature of astrology, in order to strengthen astrology’s scientific foundations. Astrology unites the spiritual and material realms; a synthesis of all the natural fundamental cosmological forces that can be observed and understood by science. It is the ultimate puzzle; which has created us to strive to solve itself.

We are the physical manifestation of subtle points of the material conscious world brought forth through human form. This materialization of consciousness in people’s faces and bodies can be observed and classified, both a momentary expression (transits) and by the identifying traits (natal). The external appearance reveals your internal self, just as your external self is your personal revelation of the external cosmos. “As within, so without”

“Astrology…the most far-reaching intellectual human enterprise in the history of civilization….”

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