The Zodiac Image Project

Preserving information about astrology and the zodiac in art, architecture & archeology. From the mystical dawn of culture to the modern skeptical society, civilization’s evolution is entwined with the study of the heavens.

The Zodiac Image Project is an archival image endeavor that begin in the mid 2000’s, which eventually became an online interactive collaborative on social media. Thousands of enthusiasts, astrologers, professors, and historians, from across the globe have participated and contributed the project since 2009. The focus has been on historically and contemporarily relevant astrological or zodiacal depictions throughout world culture. With thousands of images collected to date, the project is still active and on-going. This project inspired a number of other individuals and online groups to create other astrological collections and to cross-contribute images and information about Zodialogical images around the world.

Some Random Zodiac Images

Video Image Collections