ZODIAC FACES: Astrological Physiognomy

The Proof is right in your face… Here are some examples!

You are an astro-biological system!

Have you ever encountered someone who so uncannily resembled someone else that you’ve seen before, that as an astrologer you thought to yourself,“I wonder if those traits are influenced by their sign?”It’s long been surmised that cosmic energies effect the expression not only of a person’s personality, but also their appearance. There is a little-known, yet long history of this fascinating area of astrological theory. Astrological physiognomy is the study of the traits & characteristics of the face and body, in relation to the signs, planets, aspects and elements, in relationship to DNA, genes, ethnicity, race, etc – fields of  information inside of fields of information

What manifests in the mind, also manifests in matter. The effects, behaviours and patterns of light are central to understanding the physical and metaphysical sciences and, unlocking the missing variables of life.

  • Quantum Physics
  • Atomic Physics
  • Molecular Physics
  • Bio-Physics
  • Astro-Physics
  • They are all connected through:

  • Biology 
  • Psychology 
  • Cosmology
  • ‘Atomology’
  • ‘Quantumology’ 

  • We may have forgotten that there is structure, sound, language, words, logos, the ‘– ology’  bound within the ‘physical’ but the body, the matter, the atoms, the particles have not! They are all LINKED through a patterning of light and sound – resonant and dissonant frequencies. These create and reflect archetypal patterns on all levels. Astrology, astrological language, echos these patterns symbolically, in order for them to be handed down through time. This information is within the system of particles and atoms. It is transceived through light – fast & sound – slow, and it is structured numerically; both formed and informed through by way of the dialects of math and myth…. they reflect one another in the mind. In matter, these same patterns are echoed in denser forms and understood through peaks in individual and collectives of higher consciousness. Once we understand the link between math, myth and matter, we can better deconstruct this reality and reconstruct a new one. In this new reality, we will be able to decipher this 

    Some examples of the Doppelgänger Effect...

    Traits within the Elements

    This is an example of strong traits associated with the classical element of Fire. The ‘fire’ positions of the Sun (and planets) tend towards creating similar physical biological traits.

    Born Close in Time

    These natives were born just a few hours apart… the simalarity is obvious from these photos, but the characteristic behaviours are more obvious on closer look. One is an actress and one is a writer. With more photographic and video imaging becoming available a link with facial geometries can be found…

    Echoes in Time

    These natives were born 230 years apart, to the DAY, and even to the within the same hour of the day… one is of course, Amadeus Mozart, and the other is a piano prodigy from Canada, Mr. Needham. Even with only paintings of Mozart, the visual similarity is obvious. Needham has multiple college degrees in music, composes, teaches piano and performs. He is known for his unique and alternative style of composition. Mr. Needham, as of this writing, doesn’t ‘follow in astrology’. Mozart, on the other hand, prescribed to the mysteries and embedded much of his work with mythical and celestial motifs. He was also a freemason. The charts reflect Sun and Mercury conjunct in Aquarius, with Virgo Ascendant.

    An interesting side note: With Moon in Saggitarius & Sun in the Fifth, Mozart was known for his ‘horsing around, his very crass and bizare sense of humor and his genius with exploring emotions. With Moon in Virgo (on his ascendant) & Sun in the 6th, Needham is quiet and reserved, and is sometimes known for ‘hermiting’ himself away working; also for his ability to create new chords and finer details with his music.