Aurora: A Look at a Living Archetype

Venus, Gemini & the Moon

On occasion, I am led to some amazing discoveries just by observing and listening very closely to the echoes and resoundings of the fundamental energies of the Universe. Today, I stumbled across the divine presence of this young old soul on the planet embodying an archetype of refined and pure Love… I heard and saw Venus and the Moon unite in one spirit and remind of some very important fundamental lessons of the cosmos. So I decided to do a little probing about my hunch of what I was hearing, and I was not disappointed when I looked into her natal chart. 

I had already been writing about archetypes when the day began, following up on some of Carl Jung’s and his assistant’s thoughts about remembering that we are always listening and witnessing a fusion of archetypes when we observe or interact with others. We ourselves are connected to these energies in varying degrees, either strong or weak with the differing yet consistent characteristics.

Aurora Being Love

Aurora Loving Everyone

Some stills from her latest song about Love...

She was born the 15th of June, 1996 in Norway. We do not have her birth time, which would probably provide some additional insight in to how she expresses the way she does but you can clearly see the 5 inner planets in Gemini, with Venus (Love) EXACT conjunct with the Moon (Emotions). As well as her Sun a few degrees from that conjunction in the. This is a clear POWERFUL feminine presence on the planet and she knows how to channel and use its gifts. She is loving the world fiercely and lightly at the same time. 

To add to this, her powerful mind and voice, Mercury in Gemini is EXACT conjunct with the energy of Mars opposing Pluto on degree.  As  Aurora sings her truths, she has already become internationally recognized, yet I predict she will become a new kind of global icon. The world is only now ready to receive a new human like Aurora. Everyone is made of the same cosmic stuff – but a rare few like her are allowed to exist as intact in pure from as she. 

Aurora (Singer) Natal Chart

As one commenter wrote, “No one should ever break this woman’s heart….”