Quantum Leap of Faith:

The Divine Pattern-Part II of II

“The reason the pattern of the stars is repeated in the patterns of your life is because there is only one pattern to begin with. ”

~Terence McKenna on Astrology


In the 1980’s, the advent of modern computers led to many profound insights into nature by viewing patterns of simple yet complexifying mathematical equations calculated and pixelated into images. The mathematical images, derived from fractal patterning, gave us a new vantage into the component diagrams of the meta-cosmos. One of the fractal pattern images that emerged is known as the Mandelbrot Set, a set of infinite self-similar continuous patterns of coordinates, exhibiting an increasingly elaborate boundary of recursive fractalization. This mathematical patterned set represents the concept of a newly recognized natural law, that declares that nature is self-similar across all scales. If nature resonates an archetypal construct on one level, it will reuse that construct on another level. You can see this in how particles orbit around within the shell of an atom, similarly to planets as they orbit around within the heliosphere of a star. So the atoms too must be in an intricate corresponding relationship with the planets, with or without the existence of a human level reality.

Likewise, our understanding of astrology is based on these polar patterns of elaborate energetic correlations, which function as archetypal frequencies. In the future, instead of practicing natal astrology to track your life path from above (without), one could employ natal ‘atomology’ (studying paths of systems of particles) utilizing laws of potential averages to determine the path of these correlations from below (within). Theoretically, this practice would be possible, yet the deeper someone peers into the complexities of reality, the more analysis and calculation is required to bring that knowledge to life, and to understanding it. I suggest that with mental calculation alone this would not be possible, yet it is possible with the ‘mathematics of the heart’, which naturally computes the irrational equations posed by innate foreknowledge. Regardless, this step in moving from mere intellectual reliance on how we perceive creation, towards an integration of intellect with intuition in order to better look directly into the heart of ‘G-d’, is part of our quantum leap of faith.

from the heart to the universe

Study of the Heavens

“Astrology is the study of the heavens.” Now think about what we take for granted in that statement. We immediately perceive a point of view of ‘looking up’ observing the celestial lights, pondering their meanings and wisdoms from a human perspective. What about the point of view of the heavens? Could it not also be conceived that the conscious heavens are conducting a study of all the patterns of light? And that also from this heavenly study, planetary bodies materialized in correlation with people, their qualities & habits of behavior? Could the heavens not argue that people, planets & their reflective resemblances are merely spiritual byproducts of this ‘experimentum magnum’, this greater overarching divined experiment?

Any new approach to truly understanding the relationships of the internal celestial mechanism will require a shift towards creating a re-envisioned transdisciplinary holistic modality within astrology. The new astrology will require us to go beyond an interdisciplinary approach and to truly take tools from other fields of study for assimilation into a reimagined branch of meta-scientific knowledge. Astrology is already a dense and rich divergent field, yet it is asking more of us in order to break through this dualistic split paradigm which has evolved between science and spirituality. We are being asked to take on the ever-expanding roles of scientist and sage. This discipline, when better understood, will once again occupy vast portions of the social intellect and common purpose as it once did in the ancient world. Our forbearers knew full well the importance of the subtle yet potent fields of vital life force that operate around us and through us.

“The key to the validation of astrology will be to look outside of ‘astrology’ in order to comprehend it.” 


Science, art, & spirituality are virtually separate concepts in our time, but in the ancient world they were considered integral aspects of a single holistic pursuit. A closer look reveals that there was essentially no separation or distinction in these modalities within the lives of those who were a part of most every culture. Johnathan Anthony West, famous Egyptologist (who was also an astrologer), once said of these disciplines, “…they were inextricably entwined … so that there was no art that wasn’t religious (spiritual), no religion that wasn’t philosophical, no philosophy that wasn’t scientific, no science that wasn’t art…” 

Still, many ‘spiritual astrologers’ do not consider astrology to be scientific, merely meant to remain a meaningful mystery; while there are ‘secular astrologers’ who feel astrology to be only a method of designating space-time within a machine void of spiritual meaning. We are again meeting at the crossroads of the height of a technological advance and the revelations of a truth resonating at the center of the ancient wisdoms. t of all science. This is the condition past the limitlessness of the heavens and beyond any confines of the hells; an uncommitted and unbiased condition that some might call nirvana.

The Taste of Truth

In a sense, the physicist is a mage and seer, as one investigates the hidden mysteries of reality, learns of the universal interrelatedness, and seeks to see the world from the perspective of source and origin. To this end, a scientist is also a cleric, a priest, a monastic – by one’s actions of refining mental methods, physical operations, and agreed-upon collective rituals of practice allowing one to peer deeper into the constitution of Creation and to bring forth a quanta of truth. Within empiricism, a hypothesis is evidence of faith. A hypothesis is a supposition made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation and rigor. Is not some degree of faith first required to initiate every pursuit of a scientific endeavor? …a faith fueled by a passion to pursue the magnificence within the minute and the minute within the magnificence? Is there not also a desire for a measure of truth beyond reason, only to be found in the meso- & the meta-, the places in-between and beyond?

In parallel, the astrologer is a spiritual geometrist, and has conviction & trust in what has been handed down as our mathematical metaphysical tradition and study of the paths & patterns of light. To this, an astrologer is also an academician, a professor and a physician by ones’s study, teachings and practices, in order to help better exchange knowledge of the evolution of conscious light within matter. Within meta-science, insight is evidence of faith. Insight is a sudden deciphering of an unexplainable knowing, in which we personally hold trust for pursuing additional action and refining new qualities which come to define us. Is not some faith required to first exchange one’s beliefs and then to transform those new beliefs into foundational understandings, which we then come to exemplify? Is this faith not also fueled by passion to join in the mating of the higher and the lower, to empower the within to go out, and to harbor that which is out, within? Is this not also a desire beyond reason for some perspective of truth of the absolute by way of the exo- and the eso-, that which is surrounding the world and that which is central to it?

“Science, for the pre-modern mind, cannot be divorced from the study of ultimate metaphysical truths, and thus can only be preparatory to mystical union.” ~Angela Voss

The Reason for Faith

I would like to be able to say that every person on the planet has some degree of conscious faith but that would not be an accurate statement. Many who are very bound in secular society are vehemently opposed to the concept of faith. In fact the ‘philosophy of faith’, referred to as fideism, derived from the latin ‘fides’ is viewed as negative by most of the scientific and secular world. Faith is considered to be the enemy of reason. Yet, in religion, faith is a requirement. Just as there are those ‘extremists’ who only recognize a material reality devoid of purpose or meaning, there is the polar opposition of those who operate solely with ‘blind faith’ and choose to exclude all practicality and rational thought from daily life.

Both of these schools of thought would have you believe that faith and rational thought are incompatible. This would appear to be the essence of the deceptive nature of the Age of Pisces, which we have passed through the last 2,000 years or so. When one looks at the broader view of the sign of Pisces during an age, the image itself gives us clues of this separation of matter & spirit, this division of reason & faith, the segregation of mind & heart. The image of the two fish headed in opposite directions bound by a thin golden cord symbolizes opposite extremes connected always by symmetric reflection; they represent limitless concepts taken as far as they can go into the realm of limited human consciousness. The traditional ruler of Jupiter expands all to its furthest possible ends; and the modern ruler (co-ruler) Neptune deludes boundaries, taking us to the borders of madness.

To look on the face of god is to know madness. We have come to the boundaries of our individuated and collective conscious minds and we find ourselves face-to-face with our delusions. The recognition of one delusion staring into the face of another staring back at itself sparks our insight, that it is into the chaos we must take the keys of heaven to go inside and unlock the origins of all our current afflictions. We must go into this chaos to collapse the existing order which is already crumbling through misguided faith. Out of this madness will arise a new mind and a new order of nature – ordo ab chaos – and the seeds of a new science and a new spirituality will be cultivated.


“Without which… nothing,” is a classical Aristotelian expression. The sentiment of this ancient Latin phrasing can be translated as …’without a specific condition, element or essential action, there is no reason to exist’ or “without this, I am nothing”. What we are finding out is that ultimately spirituality and the study of science are inseparable; the truth of the universe cannot be known if one is devoid of the other. The quintessential paradox is that without a measure of faith, one cannot stand on reason and also leap beyond it. One shall not know ‘G-d’ through reason alone; it requires faith as one’s conviction to seek ultimate truth.

As astrologers, we are members of the scientific priestly class. At source, the sacred and the scientific cannot be separated; therefore, empirical scientists are unwittingly our allies. Matter and spirit now turn again to align and enfold with each other; as we in-the-know, prepare for the impact of their full embrace. Matter is nothing without spirit, as spirit is no-thing without matter. The patterns within one are the same patterns in the other. As students and devotees of the heavens, we take it upon ourselves to uphold the truth of the fundamental principle of divine pattern. Without which nothing – exists…

The transformation from a more materially reasoning knowledge into an intangible energetic gnosis requires confidence in one’s internal awareness; hence the axiom know thyself. As the Aquarian Age begins to take hold of us, the technical and intuitive mind states will gradually find integration in the realigning collective perception. The Piscean mantra is – I believe; the Aquarian mantra is – I know. We are at the crossroad canyon of these two epochs of time and quality, standing at the edge of belief, preparing for the running leap of faith to cross over the chasm of quantum chaos; closing our eyes and finding ourselves already landed and beyond the other side of the illusion, heading ever forward on the healing path of the actual knowledge of source.