A Two-part Series on the Spiritual Reality Behind Physical Reality

A Radical Reconsideration of Conscious Exploration

"...there is a high level of ambivalence amongst professional astrologers towards research. Furthermore, there is a tendency to believe that research could only be scientific and quantitative and that any other form of research is insignificant and of little value.” Furthermore, the community has perpetuated the situation by seeking justification in the eyes of science exclusively and obsessively. As a result the community is ignoring or ignorant of other methodologies which could empower them to explore astrology rather than prove astrology.

How About We Lead it Instead

In this piece, we will broadly discuss astrology within the context of modern contemporary mainstream research, and we will ponder how this separation or schism of science might come to an end, as we re-invigor a new cycle of spiritual science…There is nothing scientific which is not spiritual and nothing spiritual that is not also science. So sure, while answering the hard questions of our time, keep following the science, at least what you think of as science, and see where that takes you…each decision and direction is part of our collective path but let’s remember to make it a compassionate one for all parts of ourself along the way to wherever we are headed…

This will be an ongoing series and dialogue.....