A Little Subatomic Astrology

By Russ von Ohlhausen
Condensed from OPA-Career Astrologer June 2021


Have you noticed the winds of change still twisting about after 2020’s epic directional shift? If you are not wearing rose-colored glasses, you would probably agree that last year’s energy has not fully abated, and in fact, an increasingly divisive pressure system is settling in over the globe. Some might even say that we have the makings of a perfect storm –an Aquarian Tempest – just over the horizon. I often make mention of the rise of Aquarian energy on the planet, the cycles we are moving into, and what it means for humanity. Many of you will know that Aquarius is symbolized by the ‘water pourer’ and the ‘vessel’ or the kumbha in Greek and Sanskrit. Many of you may not know that kumbha is also the ‘storm’ and sometimes connected to the ‘storm-god’ Varuna of Vedic myth.

As we anticipate Pluto’s transit into Aquarius, astrologically we find ourselves at the beginning of a colossal energetic disturbance rather than at the end of a small upheaval, as many would hope. In case it hasn’t fully hit you yet, “Kansas is going bye-bye.” We have already entered a new era, yet the old one is prepared to hang on to the reality it has created, as the vibrational fields intensify. A collection of cyclical perturbations is building the energy needed to blow down the monochromatic walls of the past; walls which are well-constructed and well-protected. As the title of this column suggests, the walls of false realities are destined to fall but I guarantee only a few are ready for the changes that are coming, and what it will take to see the rainbow promise on the other side. And not everyone’s level of consciousness is going to make it through the storm…

Most people imagine themselves to be open-minded and colorfully illuminated (astrologers are no exception), yet they have actually just fine tuned their personal black and white thinkingBut like Dorothy at the beginning of The Wizard of Oz, it is going to take a storm to show us another world. So let’s put on our own ruby slippers, take a couple of swigs of tequila (or whatever you need to loosen up) and set out on our colorful quantum quest with her and her Oz bound companions, to uncover what lies at the edge of the cosmic rainbow. Ultimately, what we are to discover is the power of faith in oneself to sweep away the old grayscale thinking, to ride the winds of change into the future, and share with the world a new technicolor vision.

The Great Reset: Old Breakdowns & New Breakthroughs

The culmination of antiquated societal constructs, which we have tried so desperately to prop up since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, are bankrupt and headed for breakdown. To those who are still trying to convince themselves in 2021 that’s it’s all going to “go back to the way it was” – my hat is off to them for partying on the promenade deck of the H.M.S. Age of Pisces like its 1999, as she starts her final slide into the depths of her watery element. Though many are perfectly comfortable with going down with the ship, some launched their little lifeboats of Aquarian consciousness early to get clear of the vortex of divisive nonsense and to assist those who are just awakening. Others had the foresight to wrap up their STO (service-to-others) duties, call in our otherworldly angelic and alien brethren, and beam out of this doomed paradigm early. They are already watching this holographic dramady play out from the next dimension, reaching through, giving us little hints, clues and guidance from beyond the veil. What we think of as the physical world is becoming less and less familiar, and more uncomfortable to exist in, which must happen now in order for this spirit-matter transformation to take place.


Adjusting your own perspective is the first step in the transformation. The matter world continues to reveal its truths – the inner confessions of the matrices and processes of an integrated higher mind. To continue to grow, we each must discern and assimilate our portion of higher truth. Are you broadening your own virtual horizons? Are we expanding our inner bandwidth and connection to divinity, or upgrading our integrated heart storage capacity from megabytes to gigabyte, or even to terabytes? Are you integrating your little quanta of information, the qubits of wisdom-knowledge you experience? Are you uploading the revelations of your personal point in space-time where the mystery of humanity and divinity have merged in the form of you? Are we able to behold the furthest edge of what’s above, anatomize the innermost marrow of that which is below, and recognize how each flow into and out of the human dimensionIf not, it’s time …. 

Beyond The Yellow Brick Road

In her 2003 research paper entitled Astrology and Research, Astrologers’ attitudes to research methodologies and the implications of these attitudes for the contemporary communities of astrologers, Bernadette Brady imparts this in her opening statement: “…there is a high level of ambivalence amongst professional astrologers towards research. Furthermore, there is a tendency to believe that research could only be scientific and quantitative and that any other form of research is insignificant and of little value.” She also concludes her paper with this in the summation: The astrological community has been in limbo since the time Placidus de Titis attempted to create an astrological theory, in order to gain acceptance in the new world of science. Furthermore, the community has perpetuated the situation by seeking justification in the eyes of science exclusively and obsessively. As a result, the community is ignoring or ignorant of other methodologies which could empower them to explore astrology rather than prove astrology.” 

I offer her statements as a re-energizing challenge to those of us in the established astrological community. With her pronouncements in mind, I would like to reinvision our approach to astrological research, or at least how we find a better coherence within the collective understanding of the greater physical and metaphysical worlds around us. This article is less of an information piece and more of a summoning, inviting a friendly competition of passionate minds and true voices, to unite in the continued pursuit of ancient and future truth. Though most have forgotten, it is part of the scientific mandate to go outside the path laid before us, to seek what lies beyond. I’ve heard, that if you go far enough, you’ll find yourself there behind a curtain, pulling all the strings… 

I offer her statements as a re-energizing challenge to those of us in the established astrological community. With her pronouncements in mind, I would like to reinvision our approach to astrological research, or at least how we find a better coherence within the collective understanding of the greater physical and metaphysical worlds around us. This article is less of an information piece and more of a summoning, inviting a friendly competition of passionate minds and true voices, to unite in the continued pursuit of ancient and future truth. Though most have forgotten, it is part of the scientific mandate to go outside the path laid before us, to seek what lies beyond. I’ve heard, that if you go far enough, you’ll find yourself there behind a curtain, pulling all the strings… 

We Aren’t in Kansas Anymore Toto

Just a few generations back, most people existed in a WYSIWYG world, where ‘What You Saw Is What You Got’. Newtonian physics laid out the mechanics of the material Universe and all was right within tangible reality.  However, with the harnessing of electricity and the advance of technology, we’ve extended our senses to perceive the ultra and infra- realities, the higher and lower domains we exist within. Vanguard science has progressed exponentially by evolving and refining its mathematical language and has superseded the ordinary scholastic domains. Physicists have become an elite class, even within academic society. They function as high priests who propagate the materialist view and keep us pseudoscience heretics out of their wheelhouse. They profess the stories of imperceptible yet powerful characters, which exist in imaginary realms above and unknowable worlds below. Their messages equated in a grammar, which only the calculating clerics and enumerating rabbis can transcribe; in edicts expressed in a code only they can decipher, with a cannon formulated in a language agreed upon by select arithmetical mahatmas, interpreted by their tightly chosen priesthood. They pass on mathematical abstractions as uncontestable proof of the myths of the primal creative forces, the fractured particles of god, and a census of their incarnating material generations, in narrations they can barely comprehend, and which no two ‘clergy’ can agree upon. And everyone else takes their distilled summations and interpretations as the authority of gospel truth. This sounds pretty much like all other religions. So now they tell us this is a YCSIADGI world, where ‘You Can’t See It, And Don’t Get It’.

Do You Believe in Grey Rainbows?

Buckminster Fuller, stated that 99.999% of all known physical phenomena occur within the macro and micro ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum, which are entirely imperceptible to the human senses. Let that sink in as astrologers, that we experience less than .001% of what is actually happening around us. Nearly all interactions and energies in which you participate, you are not even able to perceive, let alone consciously comprehend. Almost entirely blind, we guide our lives based on a thin spectrum of light information, which connects our feelings, thoughts and behaviors. As astrologers, we at least get the added benefit of some ancient wisdom, yet, every new scientific discovery contains or describes a spiritual concept or quality of our cosmos which the current scientific culture is not equipped to recognize nor capable of communicating. Conversely, the majority of astrologers and metaphysicians have not readied themselves to recognize and communicate the spiritual texture and qualities of what the theorists and physical scientists are discovering. 

I believe attempts should be made to directly translate astrological fundamentals and spiritual dynamics to analogues in the physical dimensions; and so too, the equivalent material behaviors which comprise patterns and modes of consciousness. Tossing out a few general statements about “quantum weirdness” somehow relating to astrology is no longer enough to say we’ve made an effort towards transcribing the scientific dialect. To be able to create this bridge, we must first be open to new information, ideas, methods and technologies ourselves. So let’s now relax our gaze of this other world, and peer below, into the bottomlessness of the void reflecting above the endless manifestation of creation which beckons us to reveal its mystery. The previous sentence is deliberately ambiguous as to which part may be reflecting the other and where it may ultimately reside, so let’s explore.


What’s Underneath the ‘As Below’

The fundamental axiom “as above, so below”, is a deeply rooted principle of astrology. But where does above end and below begin; and where does above begin and below end. We usually think of this principle in terms of human perception, the celestial planetary bodies we can see in parallel with our human physical interactive terrestrial forms here. Astrologers and alchemists take into consideration the counterparts within the plant and animal kingdoms; some will consider crystal, mineral and metal complements in how they generally survey the bounds of the ‘below’. But what about the correspondences to the realms, domains and dimensions below that. What’s underneath ‘the below’ that we think we know? Essentially, nothing… 


Born on the 17th of September 1826, Bernhard Riemann, was a mathematician whose contributions to differential geometry and complex analysis laid the groundwork for Einstein and General Relativity, and subsequently all of quantum mechanics. His natal chart is quite revealing, with Sun and Jupiter exact conjunct in Virgo, along with Mercury in Virgo sextiling Saturn giving him a very focused mind by which he was able to firmly grasp the details of the larger cosmic picture and to communicate them with single-minded vision by contributing a new mathematical lexicon by which to do so. In 1854, he delivered his theory of higher dimensions of space and in 1859 he published his paper entitled, “On the Number of Primes Less Than a Given Magnitude”, regarding the prime number-counting function, which contained the tools for modern analytical number theory. Dont worry, we are not diving into this, but I will give my take on the Riemann Zeta Function, as I do believe it is a question that astrology will eventually be curious about as well. So, bear with it a moment and watch for keywords.

A Primal RoZETA Stone

The Riemann-Euler zeta function plays a pivotal role in analytic number theory and the distribution of prime numbers, and has applications in fundamental physics, probability and statistics, areas which you may not realize are integral to astrology’s rudiments(When I finally grasped the fundamental nature of this hypothesis, my ‘mind was blown’ by how simple this complexity actually is, and how astrology could benefit from understanding its implications.) The importance of this theory will affect the foundations of all the sciences and cannot be understated. It is considered by many to be the most important unproven problem in all of mathematicsRiemann expanded the concept of Euler’s zeta function throughanalytical continuation of complex planes, in his now famous Riemann Hypothesis and unproven conjecture. 

It’s Either All or Nothing – Or Both?

Fame and wealth await whoever can determine the proof of why nontrivial zeta zeros exist at the halfway point of a complex plane of less than one but more than zero. This critical line is the midpoint, 0.5, of an infinitely extended plane, called the critical strip between 0 and 1, where these root zeros exist. These integral root zeta zeros should hypothetically be distributed throughout the strip on the plane, but they are not. What we find are ALL non-trivial roots existing in a strip at the center of all other trivial roots. These roots radiate from a single central axis, in the middle of an infinite plane of nothingness and itself is surrounded by ALL of somethingness. Placing everything inside a zero dimension generates the illusion of infinite reflection – divided endlessly by increased degrees of separateness while ultimately preserving wholeness as one thing. That all of infinities could mathematically be shown to lay along one single line has profound implications in contextualizing many of the world’s spiritual precepts of a central OnenessOneness surrounded by Zero-ness surrounded by Everything-ness. Now that kind of mathematical mind spin sounds a lot like metaphysics to me. 


A Horse of A Different Color

Long before the modern stage was set, reality hinted at something quantum which bridged the relationship of higher and lower orders. Science gatekeepers have deemed the ‘quantum realm’ off limits to spiritual seekers, exclaiming there are no truths in there which could pertain to us and that we wouldn’t really understand them anyway. Though it seems to me humanity has found some way to consciously explore these realms before, and that there are a lot of reasons why we should explore them again with an eye toward the divine. And we, astrologers, are not alone. Trailblazing modern metaphysicians, like Deepak Chopra, Greg Braden, Lynn MacTaggert, Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Nassim Haramein, and others whose insights and research have been leading the way, are setting up new framework for metaphysics, which will need to include astrology. 


The term quantum mysticism has been put forth to describe and denigrate attempts to reconcile metaphysical concepts with the quantum sciences. Essentially, it is heresy and treason of the highest order in the scientific paradigm. Labeled as quantum mystics, we are criticized for not manifesting the material resources to rigorously seek proof of astrology’s mechanics, and at the same time ridiculed if we draw parallels to existing knowledge of the mechanics of the natural world. Damned if we don’t; damned if we do. And here we are, at it again. 


Particles of the Subatomic Rainbow

What is “quantum”? A quantum is the minimum amount of any physical entity/property, described as consisting of a complete value in itself, e.g., a photon is a single quantum of light. It implies the quality of discreteness, the single quantity of a thingIn its very meaning it gives a minimum boundary between a thing and another thing (a quality which generally disagrees with Pisces). Something separated one integral from one thing, the smallest separations possible near the smallest scales; it implies a natural prime increment within the cosmos. Like a specific color frequency, it has both distinct energy and explicit value which can be quantized. You may not think that on infinitesimally small scales these structures, effects and behaviors would be perceivable to us in this reality, but they are. You can see and analyze the structure of quantum fields in the patterns of sunlight – meaning the effects of quantum patterns are active and discernible in everyday reality. And being patterns of celestial light in space-time, they are also of interest to astrology, no matter how far down the ladder into ‘the below’ the pattern might go. With that in mind, let’s compare side-by-side the quantum level with the celestial.


Crossing the Rainbow Bridge of Light

Both diagrams describe 12 essential archetypal energies which are fused by ratios of 4 elemental forces, explained as models of structure, energy and movement. With this chart, I am implying a direct pattern connection, frequency correlations and time function between the fundamental model of the quantum particles and the functions of the Zodiac, a true rainbow bridge between worlds. One side of the bridge was built by quantum physicists and the other by metaphysicists. Though neither side is whole in itself, there is a lot of trans-symmetry already in place to build upon. And there are layers of bridges above and below these, which we will save for another time. 


There’s No Place like Home

Having just now returned from the other side of the rainbow, hopefully we find our constitution a bit altered by our little taste of a chroma-color dream. Just like Dorothy explaining her adventure back in Kansas, as crazy as it may sound, we really are complex layers in an infinite “rainbow sandwich” filled with ever smaller bites of the rainbow, always creating and consuming itself. These intertwined patterns of hierarchical energy fields create the interconnected pockets, little gems of reality, through which we manifest. This recursive and symmetric field of potential where spirit and matter meet, also defines a boundary of the current division where astrology and science will best be reconciled. 

Our Tin Man companion set out to find the compassion he already had; Scarecrow, the intellect he already possessed; and Lion, the fearlessness he was born with. Astrology is in need of a new Uranian adventure, as a reminder that we already possess the heart, mind and courage required to take it into a brave new world aboard the starship S.S. Age of Aquarius…. so we may continue humanity’s journey into the evolution of our return to Source… because “Aunt Em, there’s no place like home…”