An overview of our reality with cosmic influences at the center of it all…. ​
By Russ von Ohlhausen
Condensed from OPA Article Spring 2021
METAFICTION: A Meta-Hero’s Journey into a Wonderland

According to Joseph Campbell, everything that we see, feel or experience is merely the “foreground of a wonder”. That ‘wonder’ being the spiritual mystery compelling everything in the Universe. This mysterium tremendum becomes even more wondrous as you acknowledge the foreground to be a many layered façade projected through the full spectrum of the heavenly light show all around us. This place of wonder is uniquely accessed by a discerning, yet nonjudgmental mind. Only through such a mind’s eye can one gaze beyond the apparent, deep into the complexity of reality, and embrace our part in this fathomless entanglement, in order to perceive the truth and simplicity of it All.

“…good and evil are relative to the position in which you are standing. What is good for one is evil for another. And you play your part…seeing that this ‘horror’ is simply the foreground of a wonder.”
~ Joseph Campbell


While writing this meta article, I knew that someone would eventually find themselves reading it and here you are. I figure why not temporarily suspend formal conventions and expose myself, as we play with ideas, words, and numbers in this meta exposé. As we formulate this collaborative hyper-mental Uranian concoction, full of extended sentences, coinciding coincidences, shifting verb tenses and time-bending omni-meta-entendres, while pushing definitions, grammar and syntax past some broad limits, hopefully we’ll dislodge a few stuck Saturnine paradigms along the way. I will provide a little meta-guidance by emphasizing certain phrases. If at some point, some section here begins to resemble leftover lines of a lost speech by ‘The Architect’ from The Wachowski’s sci-fi Matrix trio, just pause, focus and scrutinize. And with that, we have already begun. Warning: this column should be read with levity.

A Foggy Johari Window

Ergo, you will have many questions by the end of this column, and though this process will alter your consciousness, you will remain irrevocably… you. Most of this article you will understand but some of it you will not. Concordantly, while your first question about this title, may be the most pertinent, you may or may not realize that it is also the most irrelevant. “What is meta?” (or maybe “Why the hell am I reading this article?”) Some things will just remain a mystery until it’s time for them to be known. Donald Rumsfeld described it this way, “There are the known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don’t know that we don’t know.” With the catenary curve of a Cheshire cat’s grin, I will be channelling Mr. Rumsfeld’s higher self, in the pretentious dialect of The Architect, while leaving only a geometric trace of some twisty purple haze logic in our passage. I believe we can learn a lot from this line of thinking.

As you skimmed over the previous paradoxical paragraphs which I just wrote, satirically foreshadowing more of the imminent antithetical observations that you are about to read, you may not be cognizant of further context within that cryptic content but let’s have a look through a meta-lens. Many will have recognized the intentional allusion to the virtual reality, referred to as ‘The Matrix’ in the Wachowski ‘Brothers’ meta-verse, and also that I implied the superficial nature of this one, in the preceding paragraphs. Some of you sci-fi aficionados may have also picked up the deliberate meta-subtle attempt to manipulate some of your programming language – a bit like The Architect.

Concordantly, the more spiritually-tuned readers may have earlier intuited that I was drawing your attention to a mind space between dualities by using Joseph Campbell’s quote, regarding the inner revelations on the reflections of good and evil. Weaving more meta into our process, some of you may now have noticed my use of select words from The Architect’s speech, as antecedently foreshadowed, as well as the clues, characters and colors within Alice’s Wonderland. The extremely expanded thinkers among you may have even clued in on the single quotes around ‘brothers’ – making the link to The Wachowskis, having since openly transgendered to the Wachowski sisters, as a subliminal nod to gender fluidity and accordantly, to the binary nature of the cosmos. If you subtly picked up on any or all of that, pat yourself on the back; and if not, your meta-consciousness did. That’s all part of the fun of going meta.


It’s a Meta-World After All

To begin with, when I look into any subject, review any research project, or entertain the meaning of any truth, I start with the basic premise – that everything is connected… which, in itself, implies a connection to astrology. One of my early astrological mentors once professed to me that she looks at the whole world through an astrological lens. That the way she can best understand something is through this meta-level perspective of reality, that everything has astrological context. The rose bush in the back yard, the petals on the roses, the insect on the petals, each play a part in the earth-heaven experience, unified by the sunlight that shines upon and within them all. I too, no longer view the astrological code as mere signs, cycles and unions of planets but see it equally as sounds, shapes, objects, language, life, synchronicities, feelings, dreams – the infinite parallel parade of intangible dichotomies which make up the whole complexity of existence.

Applying the Meta-Windex

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “…that’s so meta.”, over the last decade or so; if not, you have now. Meta- as the prefix handed down from the Greeks, refers to “beyond, after, higher than, or transcended from”. Aristotle’s treatise on Metaphysics, which not surprisingly comes after his work regarding Physics, goes beyond the surface review of natural phenomena, and lays down much of the foundational groundwork for an astrological structure we use today. ‘Meta’, as an emerging stand-alone word, has come to mean “higher or extra dimensions of abstraction”. From this elevated point of view, the when, where, what, why and how, anything and everything relates can be perceived. This is also where astrology can shine its light the brightest into the world.

The term ‘meta’ also denotes a type of communal participation in, be it voluntary or involuntary; It can be also described as “changing places with”. It is also self-referential and self-reflective. Meta in one sense refers to “a thing which studies itself”. I often refer to myself as a meta-physician rather than an astrologer because the current connotation of ‘astrology’ limits a true understanding of something which has always been all-encompassing. The enigmatic idea of meta is what leads one towards exploring the Great Mystery. As with any ambiguously twisty Piscean concept, obviously, there are the obvious points that don’t need to be pointed out, but then there are the points that become increasingly less obvious, obviously, which require further clarity. So let’s get clear; metaphysician, know thyself.

** This section pertains to the OPA-Magazine Edition which the article was published in - as a Meta exercise regarding Meta inside an article on Meta**


OPA – The Organization for Professional Astrology – What a wonderful body of astrologically-oriented human beings with which to be involved. Indulge me a moment, as we investigate the name of this organization. First, let’s take a quick audit of each of the words by stating the obvious, using a more Taurean meta-linear methodical approach. We usually think of an ‘organization’ as “a group with a common interest or function”. The preposition ‘for’, in this usage, implies “backing or in support of”. Something or someone ‘professional’ is seen as “conforming to certain standards” or “being well-qualified”. In general, ‘astrology’ is viewed as “the practice of horoscopic interpretation and counsel”. These are basic ideas that are instantly implied through the blending of contemporary denotative and connotative meanings of each of the terms, ideas which the brain has on auto-pilot, (much like RAM in your computer). Like the Aries ‘ram’, this comes first and doesn’t require additional processing power to consociate. These definitions are conceptual fundamentals which have a general, yet variably agreed upon meaning over time and place.

Applying a bit of practical Capricornean reason with an uncertain amount of Gemini overthink, let’s take a pass at the meta-meaning of the lesser obvious. ‘Organization’ comes from the Latin, meaning “the structure of a body” or “parts of an organic system”. ‘For’ is traced through the proto-Germanic term *fur, as in, “before or forward”. ‘Professional’ is a many centuries old word with even older roots in Latin, yet the modern adjective meaning, “pertaining to a profession or trade”, arose only in recent times. ‘Astrology’ heralds from the Greek and in the common sense conveys, “the study of the movements of celestial bodies, their correspondence to human activity and those assignments to the natural world.”

My Metalingua Goes to 11

Now, before it multiplies, we will follow this particular white rabbit a little deeper down the hole and put on our specialized mental magnifiers, with a right-eye Sagittarian big picture diffusion lens, a left-eye Virgoan detail enhancer scope, and the third-eye center integrative Aquarian light optic filter, as we investigate the meta concepts of the word ‘professional’. A professional is also “someone engaged in an undertaking or a discipline as a regular occupation”, which OPA aims to support. Professional as a “level of standard”, is also what OPA strives to achieve and reinforce. 

Scene from SpinalTap (It goes to 11)

In the medieval period, ‘to profess’ was “the act of speaking or declaring openly for something,” or “taking a vow to a person, order or body”. That idea further took on the concept of becoming fully ‘occupied’ by the act of professing. In the case of The Church (Catholic, Protestant or otherwise), a professing unto heaven would become one’s sole (or soul) occupation. A big part of the mission of OPA is to give a platform for exclaiming what the heavens do profess and to guide those that choose this profession towards the higher levels of our professional occupation. 

Looking at the 12th century Latin professus, we can lexicographically deduce the verb root profiteri, “to testify” or “to make a testament”. We next extract from those syllabic forms, the prefix promeaning “forward” or “forth”, and the suffix –fiteri/fateri to “acknowledge” or “confess”. From these we can extrapolate additional meaning of ‘professing’ as the act of putting your unique testament forward, your personal standard, just as OPA does by encouraging diverse and unique voices within the astrological community. Dissecting the words even further, through their ancient roots, we can distill the primary idea for *per as “leading“ or “an extension of”. The main concept of *phā is “to speak”, and “to These integral parts of the whole, also reveal the inherent mission of OPA; to lead by shining the light into the world.

META-EXERCISE: An Intangible Meta-Tangent

A curiosity for the mysteries beyond astronomy is what leads most of us towards the gateway of astrology. Searching outside the boundary of worldly science, we chose a path of celestial destiny guided by free will. We harness the planets through their cycles, mapping the aspects and navigating the transits, through the houses and over an infinite terrain of astrological details, which have all been contrived by Creation itself to revive our common memory of our deepest self-knowledge. 

With these newfound powers of deduction, we discover still hidden secrets within the mutual dreams of the stellar mythologies chronicling the enigma of human nature. Along this passageway of new learning, more doors of perception open, leading to an ungrounding truth, that the ‘real world’ exists only as gradations of a virtual reality. We find ourselves in one of these otherworldly layers of existence, where temporality is re-programmed to overvalue the chronos and question the kairos. Through synchronicity, we are able to experience a triplexity folded in between duality and unity, which assesses both the measure and quality of time, as equal and inseparable.

Personal evolutionary processes require that a true metaphysician takes on the responsibilityy of surrendering the uniqueness of one’s natural born talents and carefully studied skills, into the service of these unseen powers. We focus and hone our vision through an instinctive awareness that now coming into view is the big picture at the center of everything. Letting compassion be our example and integrity our watchword, we hold space for others to take consultation with the Heavens and listen in on the cosmic conversation.

Tempering the duty of privileged leadership with the modesty of reverent discipleship, we actively participate in the dynamism of the cosmic network. Tapping a universal longing for empathy, we communicate the guidance of the signs, in order to stimulate an unjudged openness and spiritual flexibility in others. We pursue a new equality, we give hope to those we attend, and we restore dignity to our sacred endeavor. Most play the role of acolyte, while others the entrepreneur. Through both avenues we begin to reclaim our overlooked worldly authority, as true teachers and healers, and recover our spiritual birthright.

Meta-Turtles All the Way Down

You will have probably wondered why certain words in the previous section were both bolded and underlined. Others may have specifically recognized the words and phrases from the cover of this edition. And still others, may have grasped some purpose to the structure of the short inner exposition as another meta-test. In the preceding four paragraphs, you will find each of the terms inside the ‘astrological mind’ on the front image of the magazine. The 4 clauses are arranged representing the yearly quarters, each paragraph is composed of 13 of the phrases totaling 52, one for each week. These are sutured with 365 words, one for each day of the year. This is an example of meta-writing often utilized by ancient astronomer scribes, revealing a refined celestial order and of an over-arching meta-structure concealed in apparent randomness. 

“…it's turtle's all the way down"


As we sum up these meta-musings, we should remember that astrology is based in the rules and rhythms of nature, synchronized within the whirling dance of time. It lays out the geometric steps of a simple cosmic pattern which intricately curls back in on itself, spiraling both inwardly and outwardly into infinity at a divine ratio of perfect mathematical proportion. Where and when these archetypal motifs intersect, the meta-reality is more readily unveiled and the universal design more easily exposed. And yesthis paragraph and subtitle are also making meta-references to the Golden Spiralinterlacing Fibonacci patterns, and natural mathematical symmetry

It’s A Wonder-Full Meta Jacket Life

Your life is the spiritual sum of a remainder of an unbalanced material equation inherent to the code of this multi-dimensional reality. You are the eventuality of a bio-mathematical anomaly. Though the challenges of life are not avoidable, through astrology, they are also not entirely unexpected, and are thus within a measure of higher control; which has led you to follow this March Hare execrably down this meta-astrological rabbit hole…to find yourself here. So, step out of the programming of your forgone story, and live in the new testament of the wonder beyond and make it your personal standard. Be the hero in this meta-virtual journey, unplug from the simulation by breaking through the fourth wall of your own construct and reinsert yourself back into the omni-verse as your own meta-savior. 

As you fine tune your astrological meta-vision within this new world, realize that all of the reflected parts within this entire whole, symbolize and correspond with all other facets of this precious gem of our meta-existence. It is a gift to experience these privileged meta-moments of our awakening consciousness along this journey back to Source. Just ahead, there will be the connections you will perceive, there will be some that you won’t, and then there are those that are meant for only you. I predict that you’ll soon encounter an astro-conscious correlation in a way you’ve never equated before, and you will smirk with that same cat-like catenary curve, and think to yourself, “That’s so meta…” 

And, no, the mention of Mr. Rumsfeld’s hazy window of insight is not a political endorsement; and yes, I would be disappointed if you didn’t use a search engine at least once while reading this article….

Russell von Ohlhausen

Russell is a transpersonal ontologist, research astrologer, & consciousness catalyzer; his work reflects a lifetime of study of science, religions, myths, metaphysics & most importantly —nature —and what they reveal about consciousness & human behavior.