The energetic patterns of planetary energies can be seen and decoded from facial companions and body type analysis.


Particles, people and planets are all connected without and within. We have forgotten this basic principle of nature. Biological behaviours and patterns are directly linked to particle & light behaviours, quantum fields interact with and effect biology. The inclinations and habits of nature are instructed and informed through the cycles and interactions of the planetary fields. In nature, these patterns can be observed and calculated. These patterns can also be observed within our biology.

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Have you ever encountered someone who so uncannily resembled someone else that you’ve seen before, that as an astrologer you thought to yourself, “I wonder if those traits are influenced by their sign?” It’s long been surmised that cosmic energies effect the expression not only of a person’s personality, but also their appearance. There is a little-known, yet long history of this fascinating area of astrological theory. Astrological physiognomy is the study of the traits & characteristics of the face and body, in relation to the signs, planets, aspects and elements. What manifests in the mind, also manifests in matter. 


Two decades ago, as I was beginning to take my metaphysical practices more seriously, I was motivated to take notes on some observations regarding the appearances of the individuals whose charts I was reading. I made some inquiries into this astrological connection and found to my surprise that little substantive work had been done in this area of astrological research in modern times. Most of what was available were revised looks at older works based on previously established premises with no attempts to apply modern methods of research to new studies.

“Your face is a book, where men may read strange matters.”

~William Shakespeare

The Stars & Planets are within you

As astrologers and practitioners of the meta-sciences, how many times have we heard (or we ourselves exclaimed), “As above, so below,” the summary opening truism of the Emerald Tablets. One could almost say that it has become one of the astrological communities ‘go to’ cheerleading slogans for getting the message across of the principle of correspondence between planets and people. Yet, fewer have heard or have heralded the associated axiom, “As without, so within,” also attributed to the Hermetic teachings. Regardless of the variations of these phrases, the concept of inner and outer correspondence is an ancient one. 


The majority of regularly practicing horoscopic astrologers tend not to delve too much beyond the psychological realms for more corresponding evidences of astrological correlation. Whether reading an individual’s natal chart or discussing society’s current or future events, the preoccupation of the effects of the cyclical nature of human affairs dominates the field of astrology. This tendency to stay focused primarily on the human psyche has diminished the scientific attitude that once was the backbone that united astrology with the other sciences. 


There are those in the field who do carry these celestial connections into the areas of medical astrology, wherein the natal and transiting energies are taken into consideration with the native’s condition of health and the body. This physiological connection could be considered a bridge between the emotional and physical well being; and we, as astrologers, can link the psyche to the body through the lens of the planets in the Zodiac. 

“A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician.”                                                     – Hippocrates


The term for the doctrine which assigns the physical body, both external form and internal organs, is called melothesis. The assignment of the body parts to the Zodiacal energies, has a well-established basis through many ages and in many high cultures across the globe. The famous images of the Zodiac Man –“homo signorum” or “melothesia”,  shows the Zodiacal signs harmonizing the macro & microcosmic domains as they are assigned to the parts of the body. 

Occasionally in some texts in antiquity, you will find these Zodiacal associations with animals as well, where the point is also being made that the human and animal realms relate. The organic material form is directly connected to the energetic field forces in which we are immersed, and also affected by the subtlest changes of the planetary bodies around us and within the field of the Earth body, in which we have been created. 


The science of astrology was once viewed as “natural philosophy”. Astrology was not distinctly separate from any of the other physical sciences. Somewhere along the way we seemed to phase out the ‘philosophy’ aspect and to all but forget the ‘nature’. What is “astrology”?  What does it mean to each person who studies it, practices it, profanes or denounces it? You might think this would be a simple query easily answered but as many of us in the field of astrology know, there is no uniform or simple way to address this question. Is it art? Is it spiritual? Or do I dare say: Is it ‘science’


Until the last few centuries astrological study was a driving force in the fields of chemistry, astronomy, and medicine, as well as the science of the conscious evolution of the individual and collective soul. It was revered as the “highest of the sciences”. Today, astrology generally is viewed through the lens of pseudoscience in the prevalent worldview. What ‘pseudoscience’ means to each person or segment of society varies a great deal. Even a large contingent of astrologers themselves do not view astrology as scientific. Regardless, there is the general assumption that “astrology isn’t scientific enough”… rather I put it this way:“science isn’t astrological enough.” Personally, I use the term “meta-science” to distinguish the higher divine sciences from the lower physical or quantum sciences. Despite who categorizes these sciences or how, in the overall amalgamation of human awareness, all is energy, all is nature.