A Four-Part Series on the Energetic Reality Behind Physical Reality

META: Metamodern Astrology
Spring 2021

According to Joseph Campbell, everything that we see, feel or experience is merely the “foreground of a wonder”. That ‘wonder’ being the spiritual mystery compelling everything in the Universe. This mysterium tremendum becomes even more wondrous as you acknowledge the foreground to be a many layered façade projected through the full spectrum of the heavenly light show all around us. This place of wonder is uniquely accessed by a discerning, yet nonjudgmental mind. Only through such a mind’s eye can one gaze beyond the apparent, deep into the complexity of reality, and embrace our part in this fathomless entanglement, in order to perceive the truth and simplicity of it All.

MICRO: All Things Great & Small Summer 2021​

AN AQUARIAN CYCLONE APPROACHES Have you noticed the winds of change still twisting about after 2020’s epic directional shift? If you are not wearing rose-colored glasses, you would probably agree that last year’s energy has not fully abated, and in fact, an increasingly divisive pressure system is settling in over the globe. Some might even say that we have the makings of a perfect storm – an Aquarian Tempest – just over the horizon. I often make mention of the rise of Aquarian energy on the planet, the cycles we are moving into, and what it means for humanity. Many of you will know that Aquarius is symbolized by the ‘water pourer’ and the ‘vessel’ or the kumbha in Greek and Sanskrit. Many of you may not know that kumbha is also the ‘storm’ and sometimes connected to the ‘storm-god’ Varuna of Vedic myth.. ​

MICRO: All Things Great & Small Summer 2021​

Picture a black & white television, a distinct sound of the confident earthy punctuated diction of Capricornean Rod Serling in your mental ear, echoes the following narration: Portrait of a decadent and decaying civilization, the Piscean Age fish out of Water - and out of time. An epoch cycle of mankind comes to the shore of Revelation - in order to end. Washed upon the stormy bank of a New Age, wriggling out of the muck of the emotional ocean, gasping for the Aquarian Air of truth, unable to breathe but not quite ready to die. We enter a limbo of mystery where we think we know where we’ve been and we think we know where we want to go. But this is a dimension where the perspective of the ‘I-within-the-we' changes from hour-to-hour and aeon-to-aeon….the weigh station for the fractals of the oversoul, on a stop that we call 'reality' - the real Twilight Zone.”.

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MACRO: A Brave New World
(Coming Dec 21)

Will be in the Dec 2021 Issue of OPA