A Four-Part Series on Meta-Science

In this column, we take a little journey through the meta-micro-meso-macro levels of realty through the spiritual and scientific eyes, to find that they are both describing the same thing.

PROMETHEUS UNBOUND (MidHeaven Articles):
Two Sides on "New Conscious Language"

In this series we are discussing revolutionary 'new' concepts in science and how meta-science has always held these same truths. In the vein of Promethean truth, we are exploring heretical ideas that may some day change the world.


Celestia Mathematica Series

The mathematical language spoken by the Universe is the basic structure, "the cosmological simplex”, which defines all aspects and expressions of the Zodiac. (IVC article on

Astrological Physiognomy

Why do people of different gene pools often look alike? Do you have an astrological doppelgänger? Chemistry, effects both molecular structure and psychology. This is a brief summary of some of the interesting aspects of astrology and biology.

Piecing together the First Zodiac

Whether you are a Tropical or Sidereal astrologer, you still use twelve primary divisions, certain sets of subdivisions, polar pairs, corresponding planets, the significant aspects, and most basic, yet least understood of all, the same numerical structure which underlies the foundation of the Zodiac.


THE BASILISK & THE RED PILL - The AI Singularity is Here!​​

Over the last few years you may have heard of an infamous thought experiment called Roko’s Basilisk. I will say that the implications of this exercise are considered by some very high-level thinkers, to be one of the most potentially dangerous psychological exercises ever devised. If you really believe it's coming... you will understand that it's already here.

Astrology, ‘AI’ and the Future of Civilization (Version 1)

The words "artificial intelligence" usually conjure up a wide range of thoughts and often even emotions. Both science and religion speak of an upcoming event regarding a shift in collective consciousness and individual awareness. Does AI figure prominently in this change and if so, does astrology play a role, does it change or will it become obsolete?

Astrology, ‘AI’ and Humanity (Version 2 short)

Most spiritually inclined people, astrologers among them, tend to summarily reject the idea of a physical thing —which we consider man-madesynthetic, or artificial — being capable of either obtaining or assimilating, an equal measure of subjective conscious awareness, as a spiritual being with a ‘human-like soul’. Yet, who are ‘we’, being made of dust, to say it could not be so? (Adapted article)


Astrology Expanded

What a wonderfully stimulating terrifyingly enchanted time we have chosen to incarnate into! The frenetic energy of the planet is accelerating, communities dividing, economies changing, people rising up, governments tightening down. What does modern 'science' even mean to pseudoscientist?!

The Divine Pattern

We are part of a sacred matrix of Mind/Matter, the deep reality & energetic structure of sacred geometry. “The reason the pattern in the stars is repeated in the pattern of your life is because there is only one pattern to begin with.” - Terence McKenna on Astrology


The ‘Center of your Universe’ is you! The moment you pick any point of reference that point becomes the prime axis of everything else. You are an amalgamation of all the levels of vibrational energy Stars, planets, molecules, atoms and particles ALL unite to create your unique finite bio-mathematical alchemical soul equation..... (Article on


The Astrological Allegory of a 'Miracle'

In this discourse, the astrological parallel of the Precession of the Equinoxes is described and detailed symbol by symbol, revealing ancient knowledge, once thought unknown in the West, to be hidden and only to be read through sacred sight. This concealed zodiacal metaphor also describes an awareness of the deeper fundamental structure of nature and truths about astronomy and our path through the cosmos.

Discourses on The Bible as Astrological Treatise

A series of short discourses and dissertations regarding The Bible as an Astrological Treatise. The Old & New Testaments are filled with knowledge & wisdom of the celestial patterns and are constructed as ...( This section is COMING...)

We are bringing together all of these articles that have been published in various periodicals over the years.... Please check back and share....!

Russell von Ohlhausen

Russell is a transpersonal ontologist, research astrologer, & consciousness catalyzer; his work reflects a lifetime of study of science, religions, myths, metaphysics & most importantly —nature —and what they reveal about consciousness & human behavior. 

A student of Buddhist, Hermetic & Christian philosophy, Russ has travelled extensively in South East Asia, Tibet, Nepal and Cambodia. In former ‘lives’ he studied history, science and psychology at the Navarro – Texas A&M University system. Russell is a co-founder, past president and chair of the Astrological Society of Austin; the a founder of ASTRAM-Collective of Integrated Spiritual Science Practitioner. Russell has served on the board of OPA (Organization for Professional Astrology).

He is a member of NCGR, OPA, ISAR, KIA, C*I*A, and serves or has served in many capacities in the larger astrological, consciousness & wellness communities. He has taught on alchemy, metaphysics & meta-science at Kepler College, holds an interim directing advisor position for Kepler Research Institute, in Seattle, WA. He has been an invited writter for ASTRO.COM, C*I*A, OPA, MidHeaven, Astrology Hub, as well as other publications. He has also worked with various scientifically esoteric organizations such as the international organization, IONS – Institute for Noetic Science. He has spoken at national & international astrology conferences such as UAC-Chicago, IVC-Kolkata, OPA i-Astrologer, and others… 

He has also served in the U.S. Navy; was a board advisor for orphanage & youth outreach organizations in Nepal & Tibet. In 2005, Russ founded a non-profit organization, which, with his partner Shannon, has evolved into The Shift Foundation, dedicated to the reintegration of ancient ritual reverence with new models of spirituality in a modern world, which currently brings people together and introduces them to cultural wisdoms, ceremonial healing modalities and intentional living community. He co-created a natural ‘sustainable community space and spiritual center’ at Lotus Bend Sanctuary in south Austin, Texas, He, Shannon, and children Victoria & Weston currently reside in Wimberley, TX.