Archetypal Phenoms

The Premise

In the course of every astrologer’s career, one will run across those individuals who exemplify an archetypal trait or set of characterstics and who stand out as extraordinary representatives of a sign, planet or element. These behavioral patterns may exhibit the best or worst, the light or the shadow side, of energies associated with the sign. The blessing and the curse often go hand-in-hand. Yet, they stand out in some exceptional way which could be classified as phenomenal. The case studies of these “phenoms” are important to astrology. The lives and charts of these special natives are of interest to astrologers as teaching tools and for researching.

Despite the age old debate on the subject, we can safely say that we are products of both nurture and nature, environment and inheritance. So when a native is provided a particular environment, certain innate traits and gifts may rise to prominence. A child with planetary aspects which may reflect artistic or musical gifts, who is born to parents inclined to support those gifts, could very well become a prodigy. While a person with self focused traits, born to extreme privilege may become a excessively indulgent and even tyrannical.

Genius, exception & mastery within society are wonderful points of study for novice and professional astrologers.These case studies are also great ways to break new ground and open discussion with skeptical minds. Here we will examine various individuals with exceptional lives, talents, and gifts.