An Ancient view of our Future Reality

“I see the Cosmos as a divine mathematical process of every conceivable complex combination of the simplest interacting components of spiritual energy… From the smallest single Unit to the totality of a single Universe, we are re-learning that everything is extricably linked to everything else, through subtle moving patterns of fundamental forces within a matrix of light, which reveal the evolving higher dimensional truth of ourselves.” ~ RvO

About Russell von Ohlhausen:

Russ von Ohlhausen is an transpersonal ontological conscious catalyzer, writer, lecturer and research astrologer; his work reflects a lifetime of study of science, religions, myths, metaphysics & most importantly – nature – and what they reveal about consciousness & human behavior.

Excerpts from a recent interviews:

What he does:

His ground-breaking work in cosmological mechanics, and astrological & mathematical research, Celestia Mathematica & The Fibonacci Zodiac, has been recognized by leaders of the academic astrological community as a foundational theory of the governing structure behind astrological knowledge and cosmological mechanics. Russell’s work encompasses and integrates multiple mundane fields of study from astrophysics, biology, fundamental physics, chemistry, genetics, quantum mechanics, mathematics & number theory to name a few. He takes a holistic interdisciplinary approach with science, meta-science and spirituality.

A student of Buddhist, Jainist, Vedanta & Hermetic philosophy, Russell has travelled extensively and researched sacred astronomical sites & temples in Central America, South Asia, Tibet, India, Nepal and Cambodia. He studied history, science and psychology while at Navarro Texas A&M-Commerce; served in the U.S. Navy; was a board advisor for NGO Orphans & Youth organizations in Nepal & Tibet. He co-developed a living community space & spiritual center at Lotus Bend Sanctuary in Austin, Texas.

 In 2005, Russ founded a spiritual non-profit organization, which has since evolved into The Shift Foundation, dedicated to the reintegration of ancient ritual reverence with new models of spirituality in a modern world, which currently brings people together and introduces them to a number of cultural ceremonial and healing modalities.

In his field: 

For those who may be interested in his credentials within the astrological community, in 2005, he also co-founded the ASA-Astrological Society of Austin; he was a president & chairman of the board. He has taught on metaphysics & science with Kepler College, serving as interim directing advisor for Kepler Research Institute, in Seattle, WA. He has taught with ISAR, NCGR, CIA, & AFAN,  written and taught with Astrology Huband served on the board of OPA-US, The Organization for Professional Astrology. He has also lectured at various scientific and esoteric organizations such as IONS (Institute for Noetic Science). Russ was also a member of the Western Delegation at the 28th IVC Conference in Kolkata,and the ARC-Database Initiative (Astrological Research Collaborative).  India. He introduced many new theories to the general public at the UAC’18 Conference in Chicago. He is also the creator of Zodiac Faces: Planetary Physiognomy and The Holy Myth: The Bible as Astrological TreatiseHis theoretical & consciousness-raising works have been published in multiple peer journals in the US, Europe, Australia & India. 

Today, Russell is focused on creating tools and resources to help reintegrate the ancient wisdoms with modern science and reviving the path to holistic spiritual living. He is currently working with transpersonal healing therapies within both the standard scientific and non-standard meta-science realms, using astro-psychology, entheogenic guidance, dance & movement and sound-light healing techniques to explore consciousness, more at More recently he has been involved developing a new program of “embodied astrology” through the Ecstatic Dance/Cosmic Mass movement in the US. Russell lives at Samadhi Retreat Center and teaches at the Pyramid in Wimberley, Texas with his wife & astrologer, Shannon Gill, and stepdaughter & stepson.

Peer Feedback & Reviews:

“MIND BLOWN, …over and over again!”

Alex Trenoweth

Board of ISAR

“You have initiated an important new movement in the understanding of the foundations of astrology. It will take decades for this work to be understood and appreciated.”

David Cochrane

Cosmic Patterns/Kelper Software 

“…This work will go down in history as an important part of humanity’s legacy in the generations to come. I am honored to know you and see this work come to the forefront….”

Anne Beversdorf

Board of AFA

For anyone with a curious and open mind, it doesn’t take but a few minutes to see that there is something fundamental, yet profound in what is revealed about nature and consciousness itself.