Quantum Leap of Faith:

The Divine Pattern
- Part I of 11

“The reason the pattern of the stars is repeated in the patterns of your life is because there is only one pattern to begin with. ”

~Terence McKenna on Astrology


What will it really take for just the possibility of a theory of celestial correspondence to be considered by the worldly academic scientific community? What conceptual leap will be required of the upcoming generation of astrologers to help root astrology’s practices and understandings, once again, into the mainstream discussion, discipline and doctrines of global culture? What new mix of languages, lexicons and symbols will be required to integrate the complex conversations evolving now in this pandemic transformative conscious discourse?


Particles, people and planets are all connected without and within. We have forgotten this basic principle of nature. Biological behaviours and patterns are directly linked to particle & light behaviours, quantum fields interact with and effect biology. The inclinations and habits of nature are instructed and informed through the cycles and interactions of the planetary fields. In nature, these patterns can be observed, calculated and understood through divine mathematics. 

‘A Revolution of the Way of Thinking’

In 1787, in the preface of the second edition of his Critique of Pure Reason, Immanuel Kant used the phrase ‘a revolution of the way of thinking’ to describe what we refer to now as a ‘paradigm shift’. Kant was describing the shifts in collective thinking brought about by the Hellenistic mathematician-philosophers and the radical changes introduced into physics and industry by the then new Newtonian laws. The drastic disturbance in the direction of science represented by quantum mechanics as it has completely redirected and downsized the dominion of Newtonian physics is nothing short of a transnatural revelation of an evolutionary metamorphic coalescence of intelligence & insight, the obvious & the abstruse, and of reason & faith.

For a moment, I would like to take you on a thought exercise to help shift some generic perceptions of how you may think about astrology and science, and to expand the boundaries of what you already innately sense about the structures functioning at the core of the unconscious mind. In the brief moment we have in this article, I would like to tap into the essence of the elemental consciousness of nature and bring it into our complex consciousness of human awareness. Let’s take one eye’s view inward for a closer look at astrology’s fundamental expression and the other eye’s view outward to perceive how it connects to the external reality, in order to grasp an integrated third eye’s view of the scalarized meta-cosmos at work.

“A physician without a knowledge of Astrology 

has no right to call himself a physician.”                                                  

   – Hippocrates


Forget about any preconceived notions of astrology, of science, or of spirituality… As you read each of these words, try to forget that words exist and focus only at the potentials of what each word could mean – for words also separate one thing from another. Feel for the unified truth resonating behind the possibilities of these words. Clear the ideas of any and all separations or distinctions from your mind and thoughts. Find that place outside of time where there is only union, only one everything. At this level of awareness there is no pattern, for there is nothing other than a primordial “that”, the Vedic elemental dha(t), the Kabbalist da’ath, which ‘knows no opposite’. This is the ‘place’, the state of being, the unifying principle spoken of and referenced in all religions & spiritual precepts, through all cultures and even at the heart of all science. This is the condition past the limitlessness of the heavens and beyond any confines of the hells; an uncommitted and unbiased condition that some might call nirvana.

Then, there is a dividing of the original that; how, when or why this division is or came into being is irrelevant – just that it is. We can call this idea the ‘primary binary’, the supreme opposites. You can visualize this as black and white, that which is both everything & no-thing; the sound and the silence, which must coexist in order to fully experience the other. This primary pair of opposites composes the core language of the Universe. Because this essential separation of ultimate reality requires a new spatial quality, something akin to what we think of as time and space also emanates forth for the acknowledgment of this differential. You might think of this as dimensionality, the ‘place’ where the infinite and the finite emerge together entangled, appear to dichotomize, and eternally reflect this collaborative state of existence embracing nonexistence. This quality is simultaneously contraction and expansion, the eternal cosmic breath. The breath of the hamsa mantra; hamsa meaning, ham“I Am” and sa“That”….

Within the space of this eternal breath exists – existence. Bifurcation of never-ending opposites interfacing at all angles constitutes the holographic actuality of a reality of this existence, one that is expressed by the infinite bound within finite space, and that which is finite forever-attempting to fill the infinite within. Natural order sets a pattern of interacting repetitions within this space… some patterns oscillate as light, some oscillate as sound, and some oscillate as matter and all phases in between, depending on each pattern’s vibratory field. Within this field, composing & decomposing through infinite complexity of the vibrations of sonoluminescent energy, relative frequency and duration of these interactions become amplitude and spin, which support the illusion of time & space. Raw creation dances with each new found experience of itself. It perpetually bursts forth from a single basic pattern and resolves itself into every imaginable intrinsic structure contemplatively passing through all levels and evolutions of omniparient light. This is a ‘place’ where God eternally explores the divine coupling through every conscious particle in the Universe – collectively, archetypally and individually, experiencing infinity.


From the two supreme opposite states or forces, everything else arises. Even before there is spacetime, the proto-pattern for what is to come already exists. The fundamental scheme of all natural shape and form which underlies everything expands and evolves into the space created for creation. This fundamental pattern is what I refer to as the “cosmological simplex”, the blueprint, imprint, fingerprint and voiceprint of God. As astrologers we call this root archetypal pattern around us the Zodiac.

From this simple order of duality, nature divines subtle reflective polarities of condition and behavior. This ecumenical template is expressed through countless qualities. The template morphs into and out of every conceivable and inconceivable configuration. Consisting of yin curves intersected through yang lines, of one dimension hyper-expanding into the next, which manifests all degrees of ‘male and female’ union within energy and form. This primary zodiacal pattern functions at every phase, scale and relative magnitude, creating the energetic framework of reality. Upon this limitless frame, every manner of energetic form and function is devised, shaped and cast into this substantive holographic phenomenon we call subjective existence. We are woven into every divine quantum fiber of this vast inter-connected immeasurable else.

What State Are We In

The fundamental co-generating principle of complementary opposites flows through all the central axes of creation, threading through the nuclei of microcosms to the spinal cords of macrocosms. The ‘zodiacal field’ emanates from every planet, person and particle, from every blackhole, star and galaxy, and through the very center of the Universe itself. It brings forth all life on Earth and organizes the flow of energy between individualized units in the internal components of the phases of light. The subatomic realm supports the atomic; the atomic creates the material. Atoms form elements and in turn support the molecular and chemical phases of the cosmos. Chemistry brings forth biology, and biology reveals the subtlety of psychology, which is the study of behaviors of the mind. This union of cosmic mind and essential matter is a deep professing of the complex behaviors of light energy. Within every photon of light, all information and knowledge exists, and we are here to express our quanta of this infinite knowing. A simple truth, that light is within everything.


Feel what it is to be a cell for a moment, to know what a sunflower knows for an hour or what Earth experiences in an epoch. Each is involved in the creative template at work, as well as the transitory uses of its components within this cosmic master plan; each has its inner knowing, this gnosis, of the divine pattern. This connective pattern is merely the primary recognizable structure underlying nature itself; it was not invented, it was remembered. It is the fundamental principle upon which “astrology” is established. Biology lives within astrology and astrology lives within biology. 

Organic matter, any matter, for that matter, exists within these forces and matrices, and are subject to the entangled correspondences of these energies and geometries. We are all of this one thing interacting through all states of being. Currently, the fields of our energetic and material systems are all aligned and yoked with the state of being human.

The Sacred Seed: Nature’s Pattern

The preconditional pattern originates with ‘the everything’ becoming two complementary yet opposing things. These two things diametrically divide and separate by all of their infinite opposing qualities, so that the antithetical aspect of one would always be found directly opposite the other. To better distinguish the changes in the qualities within, each of the primary opposites mirrors the other as the exponentially duplicating pattern expands and contracts, either by multiplying or dividing the two forces as polarizing waves of energy. One phase of this pattern composes complementary harmonizing angles in balanced trinaries. Another dimensional phase manifests opposing trinities to compliment the first harmony. Yet, where there is harmony, dissonance must also emanate synchronously. 

Synthesizing Principles

  • The principle of one is synthesizing (conjuncting), 
  • the principle of two is contrasting (opposing)
  • the principle of three (trine) is harmonizing & light, 
  • the principle of four (square) is gradating & dense. 

These first basic counteracting principles are expressions of the elemental core of nature.