Reuniting Science & Spirituality

Through Head - Heart - Hands

“The time is NOW to reunite the lower science with the higher science. We must begin to understand that both contain the same knowledge through different languages. It is time to realize they are ONE connected field of information, set aside our differences and look for the common tongue in all the myriad of dialects. There is only ONE pattern and ONE MIND.”

Russell von Ohlhausen
at UAC 2018 - Chicago


One should strive to know and understand the unsolved mysteries of our existence, curiosity is innate. To Awaken is to Know. Information surrounds us in every particle of light and wave of sound. Consciousness evolves through the curious mind seeking knowledge, both information and wisdom 


Once knowledge is obtained it becomes one’s responsibility to integrate that knowledge. The assimilation of this knowledge, within the individual and society is paramount to life’s purpose. There are no other truths, no other intent but to express what the Universe has to share with us and through us.


Raising your consciousness, raises the world’s. So what is exactly that we are raising? Simply striving  to answer that question raises it. Endeavoring to question, learn and master the mystery of this reality, changes the world and our place in it. Your journey has brought you here.

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About Russell

Russell is an ontological researcher and consciousness catalyzer. He lectures on emerging sciences that link cultural wisdom to the modern mindset. He is a workshop facilitator and counselor. He also teaches an integrated astrology, in order to bring science and meta-science together, uniting YOUR STORY with the COSMIC STORY.

“My primary passion in life is bridging the physical and spiritual realities.”

A Free Talk on
Astro Science


“You have initiated an important new movement in the understanding of the foundations of astrology. It will take decades for this work to be understood and appreciated.” 

-DAVID COCHRANE– Cosmic Patterns/Kepler Software

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Author Rick Levine comes to ASA
Teaching with Shannon Gill
Dr. Togi with Russell (Pres. ASA)

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